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But if you say so. . .

Have you ever said those words?

It usually means that you aren’t sure that you want to do something, but out of respect or for some other reason, you gently bend your will to theirs.

I like my plan better, but I’ll try yours.

I think I know better than  you, but I’ll trust you.

I’m kinda the expert here, but I’ll let you take the lead. 

What if God is the one that’s asking you?

What if you aren’t sure if He knows what He’s doing?

Oh, Suzie, that’s a terrible thing to say.

Okay, maybe, but I’ve thought it and so have you, but more so I believe that God knows our hearts and our thoughts and the motivation behind them, so I don’t think it’s terrible to be honest with the one we love and who loves us back. I think it’s real. It’s what you do in a relationship.

Sometimes God asks you to believe BIG and you look around and everything feels really small, including your faith.

But if you say so, Jesus.

Sometimes He asks you to take a leap of faith and it feels like there’s a cavern on the other side.

But if you say so, Jesus.

I shared a few weeks ago about an adventure that I’m taking. I thought it was going to take place a year from now, but things firmed up more quickly than was thought possible. That moved it up — into the busiest season of my life. I’ll be connecting with that team two weeks from today.

While I’m gone my book, Come With Me, will be launched.

While it’s hard to think that I’ll be away on those important days, if I’m more worried about writing a book about following Jesus than actually following him, I shouldn’t be writing at all.

Its a big “but if you say so” moment.

Lord, this makes no sense in the natural.

God, the timing. . . .seriously, it’s pretty awful.

I surrender.

But if you say so.

It’s my privilege to follow you.

Whatever you ask, wherever you lead.

When we start to bend our will gently toward His, a progression takes place.

“But if you say so” turns into surrender and then we walk with Jesus.

As I take typhoid and malaria meds and a host of shots like Hepatitis A, etc.; as I pack clothing for 110+ degree weather; as I look around and see what I should be doing instead of climbing on a plane, I’m embracing this “but if you say so” season.

There are people in this country that will become friends. There will be challenging days, I know that in advance. There is a reason that God plucked me from my busy schedule to embrace His — and if for no other reason than to simply trust Him, there’s joy to be found in that.

Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” But if you say so. Luke 5:5 (NIV)

Where is God leading you?

Are you in a “but if you say so” season?

As I climb on a plane in two weeks, I’d love your prayers, but I also want to pray with you. Let’s join hands as women who love Jesus and encourage each other.



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