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Julie Lefebure loves people. She is a loving person. Yet God called her to love deeper. To love outside the neat lines of her ordered life. To love like He does.

This is our invitation as well. It won’t look like Julie’s, but it will look exactly like what God desires to do inside of you as he issues the invitation, “Come with me.” ~ Suzie

God reveals the hidden love buried in you

Julie Lefebure

A friend has a heart for the people of India.

My daughter is drawn to the elderly.

Someone else I know has a love for troubled youth.

And me?

Well years ago, in my cushioned, mapped-out life, I was perfectly happy living the life I was living, and loving the people I loved.

God has a way of shaking things up when I get too comfortable. And what He did at that point threw me completely out of my familiar. My pastor and friend founded and ran a local ministry, assisting the formerly incarcerated, the homeless, and others in need.

Good for her, I thought.

She excelled at it. This was something I could never do. I mean, I was busy running a business and loving my family. I had big plans and dreams, and helping “those” people wasn’t one of them.

They were dangerous. They looked bad, and they smelled worse. I felt sorry for the homeless, but if they would just get a job, it would solve their problem.

It’s no wonder God called me and my judgmental attitude to serve and love through that ministry.

I offered up excuses and arguments. My life could be in danger, for goodness’ sake! But, God knows what’s best, so I showed up at the ministry’s door one day, trembling and apprehensive.

It didn’t take long to discover that I wasn’t much different than “those” people.

Their stories busted open my reality. Their struggles rocked my cushioned life. Their faith simplified mine. Their joy permeated my presence. Their love transformed my heart. God used them to change every part of my life, and to flip what I thought I knew upside-down.

One day a week turned into two; two turned into four, and eventually I was given responsibility to supervise the daily operation of that location. God gave me a heart for those often considered “outcasts,” and unburied a hidden love for them deep within me.

As a result of your ministry, they will give glory to God. For your gen

I no longer consider them “those” people. They are now my friends.

Oftentimes God calls us out of the familiar to awaken within us what He’s hidden inside us.

And when He calls us to use that hidden love —  and we do — we are the ones who end up being blessed.
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If you’re accustomed to loving only those around you and those like you, God is leading to love deeper and wider and bigger.

May each of us step out in faith, and watch Him do what only He can do.

We might just discover a hidden love we never knew was in us, but He knew it all along.



Julie Lefebure spring 2016

Julie is a simple Iowa gal, who finds joy in a good cup of coffee, un-rushed mornings, and witnessing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

She’s a Bible Study Fellowship leader, is on staff at a local church, and is passionate about encouraging others through writing and speaking.

Married to Bill for 23 years, they’ve raised two children who have grown into caring young adults. Julie and Bill are often found on their tandem bicycle, and will be biking across the state of Iowa for their third time on RAGBRAI this summer.

Julie writes at Loving God Loving Others and Live Laugh Linger at www.julielefebure.com.

She is presently writing her first book.

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