Extraordinary miracles have taken place in my heart.

I’m going into year three of walking with the disciples. I’ve learned to give God my home, my finances, my talents. Some of those were easier to offer up. Others I held on too long.

This was my miracle: When I finally released my hold, I actually gained so much more.

In today’s video I tell about one of the harder things to release: my family. Goodness, that was a wrestling match, but I’m there.

What does that leave?

What might God still want?

Oh. . . he wants me. 

All of me.

The parts that are sad. The parts that get angry. The part of me that delights in simple things. He wants my dreams. My goals and plans. My doubts. My fear. My anxiousness when things don’t go as planned.

He wants that goofy part that makes my littles go, “Gaga, you are craaaazy.”

Sometimes we just want to give God the best parts of us, but he wants all of it.

Giving all of ourselves to God simply means that we live with an ear toward His voice.

Maybe I’m hurt by a friend’s words. My flesh says, “build a wall,” but where is Christ leading? Most likely, if I’m listening, He’s leading toward forgiveness, or resolution, or grace. Perhaps he’s asking me to stick it out and work through a hard place.

I listen, but then I step right into His presence — all of me. I don’t wait until I have it figured out.

Lord, take my anger. Take my hurt. See my lack of knowledge on what to do. Lead me. If it doesn’t work out the way, I think it should, I give that part to you in advance. I’ll trust that doing what You ask is my only part to play. 

When we live with an ear toward His voice, we hold conversations

with God rather than constant confession.

Maybe you only go to God when you mess up, or when things are bad.

Lord, I screwed up.

Jesus, I wish I hadn’t done that.

I’m such a miserable worm. 

What might happen if you begin to go to Him first? What if you gave yourself to Him — not just in the hard parts — but in the good parts as well?

Let’s decide, as 13th disciples, to show up as ourselves in our relationship with God.

If we’re struggling, let’s bring that to Him. If we are angry or frustrated, let’s not wait until we are over it before talking to God about it. If we are sleep deprived and worried, let’s show up with circles and shadows under our eyes with the understanding that He welcomes us.

This has the power to change where we are going, and what we are feeling, but more so it’s just an honest, beautiful, challenging way to live our faith.

We are on the last chapter of this study. Can you believe it?

I need a blogging rest, but I’ve treasured doing this with you. I don’t know many of you face-to-face, but we’ve prayed together and grown in our faith and I love that.

So, let’s get to Chapter Twelve. It’s all about giving so that we can go.

What might it look like for you to give God all of you?

  •  Read Chapter Twelve
  • Watch today’s video
  • Answer the discussion starter
  • Answer the questions at the end of the book


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