For years I’ve talked about healing and forgiveness.

It will always be part of my story, but I’ve longed to step into new waters for a long time.

I want to gather all of those healed and healing women and stand shoulder to shoulder with them. I want to go into the highways and byways and into the hedges and scoop up other women who don’t know Jesus yet, or his healing power and lead them to Christ.

I long to shout out from the rooftops that we are strong.

I want to talk less about doubt and comparison and our feelings — though they matter — and more about changing the world with the faith that brims inside of us.

I want to be a warrior, believing that when we pray heaven hears.

I desire that women all around the world see that God can use our lives — broken, messy, goofy, unique, work in progress, introvert, extrovert — if we’ll surrender to his leading.

I want women to throw up their hands in surrender and be courageous enough to say yes, even if we don’t know where that will take us or how it will change us.

I want to be a disciple today — in my real world. I want to believe that everything that Jesus said we can do is for me.

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I want to reach girls and college age women, and let them know that we are strong together, old and young.

I want to run from a culture that says the exterior is all that matters, and reveal how a strong core of faith lives forever.

So this is where God is leading me — and us.

He’s asking us to actively live our faith and become

world changers as we do.

He’s reminding me that we are disciples and we have the Holy Spirit residing inside of us. We are equipped! We may not have all the answers (and that’s not a bad thing), but we have Jesus.

Changing the world might be going to India, but it also might be stepping on the porch of your next-door neighbor.

It might be stepping into a prayer closet and warring for our nation, or our world, or that child that lives under your roof.

It might be letting go of those old feelings so you can be you — the God-filled version that’s been there all along.

It’s might be getting away from distractions — no matter what they are — and putting that same energy into discovering more about Jesus.

I want to take so many on this adventure. I hope you’ll join me.

Please know that I battle the same things that you do as we feel this call. We are pulled in a hundred different directions. We do battle doubt. We aren’t always sure what it looks like when Jesus asks us to step into deeper waters.

Yet I’ve come to the point that yes is the only answer I know to give to him.

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Whatever you ask. Wherever you lead. 

I invite you to go deeper with me. Soon we’ll start several adventures together. For the next year we’ll explore several different ways that we can live our faith actively. The first will be 21 Days of Revolutionary Prayer. This begins in November.

I hope you’ll join me. If you aren’t subscribed to the blog, today would be a good day to do that.

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