Do you wish you could fly?

When I was a little girl I wished I could fly.

When I became all mature I realized that flying was a little scary. There’s the heights issue, for one thing, and high wires and tree branches. Then there’s the fact that there’s not a single thing holding you up.

In spite of all of those things I still want to fly.

I want to soar just like the Bible says that I can.


If the Bible says we can fly, then I believe it.

But if I’m honest, there’s some things that stand in the way of that adventure.

I can’t fly if I’m holding on to fear.

I can’t soar if I’m nurturing old wounds.

I can’t see new horizons God has for me if I refuse to move until I know that it’s all smooth sailing.

I spread my wings as I let go of fear and reach for faith — even if it is as small as a mustard seed.

I spread my wings if I stop nurturing my old wounds, and hold them up for the healing God has promised. It means that I’ll put those old wounds down as many times as I need, until I no longer want to pick them back up.

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I spread my wings as I take a small step of faith in the direction God is leading, even if I can’t see exactly where it ends.

I know you, friends.

You come around this table because you want to live free. Will you spread your wings with me?

Lord, see these arms. We are throwing them up in surrender. Breath, Holy Spirit. Let the wind of your spirit bring life to our  faith. We are utterly dependent on you, but that makes us totally free. We don’t expect smooth sailing all the time, and that’s ok. We simply hold up our meager wings of faith, knowing that’s enough for you. 

What might it look like for you to spread your wings?



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