Are you a doer?

Do you struggle to slow down?

Is there always one more task to accomplish?

Do you want to have fun, but struggle to find the time?

Are you tired of being tired, but you just can’t stop?

If any of these describe you, today’s conversation has the power to change you. Jennifer Dukes Lee and I talk about the styles of happiness, and how lack of rest can be a thief in all of them.

Listen to the conversation, and let’s take this deeper together!


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Dukes Lee is an Iowa farm girl, mother of two, author of Love Idol and The Happiness Dare.

Join her on her blog, on Instagram, and Facebook.

Take the Happiness Dare and share your results. I am (wait for it). . . a Thinker. That’s not surprising, because every test I’ve ever taken leads down that road.  I know there’s a doer who lives in there too.

Q: Life throws in kinks. We have busy seasons. Yet sometimes we pile things on top of that. What is one thing we can do to change that?


We’ll choose one lucky woman to receive a copy of The Happiness Dare. If you are outside the U.S., we’ll send you a Kindle copy! Simply comment to be entered. ~ Suzie

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