I want to pray for you.

We did some hard soul work on Day 1 and Day 2. Today I want to pause and pray for each other.

If God has revealed something, let’s celebrate that and pray with each other.

If that revelation feels tender (and it will), let’s pray about that too. 

As you do, will you pray for me and my family? We are facing some hard news. . . again. I shared that the enemy is swinging at all that I hold precious, but he doesn’t get to win. I feel my feet anchored on the rock, but girls, I feel the raging wind. I can only rejoice as I hold my hands up and thank God that we are held closely in the arms of a loving, amazing Heavenly Father.

Share your prayer requests. I have a team of women who show up here and who pray individually for you. I’m so grateful for them.

I also have some fun news to share.

I hope you have grabbed a few friends to join you on this 21-Day Adventure. Maybe you are gathering at a coffee shop, or sharing this in a small group. Maybe you call or text your friend to encourage each other as you go through it individually.

At the end of this 21-Day Adventure, we are holding a Gathering. Grab your friends. Meet somewhere where you can tune into a live streaming broadcast. I’ll share a mini-message, and words of encouragement. We’ll pray together.

We have an activity that you can do together. It’s going to be fun, but also signify what you are finally leaving behind as you embrace the new God wants to do in you.

[bctt tweet=”Join me for a beautiful night of gathering & fun w/ a #livestream from @suzanneeller! https://tinyurl.com/mj9kypv pic.twitter.com/7zb7UMaC3X #livingfreetogether” via=”no”]

Are you in?

Share the invitation with your friends. Forward this blog post. Forward any of the blog posts we’ve explored together in this series. Mark your calendar for June 1. It will be in the evening, and we’ll try to do it at a time that is best for all the time zones involved.

I can’t wait.


Day #3 of Moving Past What You Cannot Change

  • Download the invitation for either this Series or for the Gathering. Share it with as many friends as you wish.
  • Share your prayer request here on the blog. We have a team waiting to pray with you.
  • Pray for me and my family, if you think about it. I’m so thankful.