It’s been chaotic lately, hasn’t it?

It’s no secret that there are two normal reactions to chaos: Fight or flight.

Lately I’ve been tempted to do a little of both. It feels like the whole world is doing the same. Some throwing out fighting words that stir up more trouble. Others going about their way as if there are no issues, or acting as if ignoring it will make it go away.

Though fight or flight is a normal reaction, you and I aren’t normal people. We’re Jesus followers. We’re called to be salt and light — which simply means that we are called to make things better and to lead people to Jesus. If we choose normal, we’re going to spend precious days hashing it out, putting our dukes up, and slinging words at each other. Or hiding, pretending as if everything is OK, while our stomach ties in knots.

I don’t want normal. Not for a single second.

Not in my life. Not in my faith. Not in the church. So, where would Jesus lead us when surrounded by chaos?

In today’s video blog, I share three things Jesus did for one of his disciples that will help us find our way.

What about you?

Has this been your struggle too? Remember these three things:

  • Remember who you are
  • Stay on task — keep doing what Jesus has called you to do
  • Go against the norm

What is your Come With Me invitation?

I shared that this has been a personal struggle these past few months. When I look at what Jesus has asked me to do it’s to love people.

So, what does that look like? 

I have a new book coming out in three weeks, Come With Me Devotional: A Yearlong Adventure in Following Jesus.

My Come With Me invitation is to match every preordered book with a second book, to be placed in the hands of women in prison, refugee women living in the U.S., women who have been freed from sex trade, and to others seeking Jesus. In this time of chaos, I don’t want to do normal marketing, but to simply love people tangibly and sacrificially.

When you preorder this gorgeous hardbound devotional for yourself, send me a copy of the receipt, and I’ll handwrite your personal message to a woman and sign it with your first name. I’ll put this book in her hands.

I have a list of women and ministry organizations already in place to receive these books, and a pile of handwritten cards growing on my kitchen table. My prayer is that when she receives this unexpected gift, she’ll  know that someone cared — even in the chaos.

How do you participate?

  • Buy your own copy for your personal walk and daily walk with Jesus (find available distributors here).
  • Send a pic of your receipt to
  • Share a brief message you want in a handwritten card (I’ll personally handwrite it and sign it with your first name)
  • Tell others (feel free to grab the image below and share), and let’s feed His sheep together.


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