When you feel abandoned, it messes with you

Micah’s dad was a pastor and he left the church one day, leaving a note on the desk. He also left his daughter that day, and didn’t come back.

When someone you love abandons you, it can mess with your view of God.

It can lie dormant for years and then crop up when you are loving your own children.

Abandonment isn’t always about a dad who checks out. It can be loss. It can be problems stacking up and you want to give up, abandoning that dream.

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Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Micah. She’s a woman who is strong, who loves others well, and who discovered how to anchor in and live free.

Take a moment and listen. If it doesn’t play for you here, then check it out on my YouTube channel.


3 things to help you anchor in

In this interview, Micah shared three things to help us live anchored in.

  1. Dealing with the abandonment is a strong move on your part. Don’t push it down.
  2. We open up our past, trials, and trauma to God and we are emptied of those, which allows us to be filled with His love, healing power, and direction.
  3. Freedom and deliverance takes time, and that’s OK.

Micah is giving away one copy of Anchored In: Living a Power-Full Life in a Problem Filled World to one of you this week. Just leave a comment, a prayer request, or your thoughts below.


Meet Micah Maddox

I hope you’ll spend more time with Micah.

Check out her blog

Check out this amazing book, Anchored In: Living a Power-Full Life in a Problem Filled World. 

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