I don’t usually struggle with anxiety, but there it was.

Anxious thoughts bubbled just under the surface. Questions pelted like gravel.

Am I doing enough?

Should I be doing more?

Am I doing this right?

Those types of thoughts can hit any of us at any time — in a marriage or close relationship. Our job. A ministry position. Our faith. Maybe, even as we look in the mirror.

What do we do with them?

You see, when those things happen, we can keep on going, keep on doing, keep on worrying or spinning anxious thoughts. Or we can slow down and listen and see where it’s coming from. We can ask for help, or direction.

In today’s brief video teaching, I share where God took me. 

The scripture I shared in this video teaching is Acts 17:28, rather than 18:28. Since I shared it wrong, here it is in all it’s simple beauty.

For in him we live and move and have our being. (Acts 17:28a NIV)

What does it mean to live in him?

Living “in him” is a response to God’s Spirit in us.

I know that sounds deep, but it’s not. We live as if he is in us, for he is. We walk with him. We invite him into our doubts, our joys, our relationships, our fears, our victories. His Spirit is woven through every fibre of our being.

When we feel those anxious thoughts rising, we can rest in that truth.

God, you are the boss of this. This is not all on my shoulders. You aren’t grading me. You’re leading me. You are teaching me. You are showing me which step to take. And while there are things I can’t see, I trust that you do and all you ask is that I do my part. 

Whoosh. . . .

The pressure to perform falls off. The pressure to fix, strive, or make things happen in our timing is eased.

We move in him.

Moving in him is moving in rhythm with God.

Last week I made it to church late. I saw a friend who hadn’t been in awhile. We hugged. We took communion together. We prayed. God was in that moment. I felt it. I knew it. That day wasn’t about whether I was on time or not, but knowing that this friend was on his heart and praying with her.

If you look at the last week, there’s a good chance you felt the Lord asking you to slow down, to notice, to encourage, to love, to forgive, to stop what you are doing and spend time with him.

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Maybe it wasn’t big, or the world didn’t notice, but God did as you moved in rhythm with him.

We have our being.

One commentary says this about Acts 17:28a — we live, are moved, and are.

We find ourselves as we live and move in him. We are. . . HisAnd we know it. We live as if it is true. We find our true selves, our God-led selves. I don’t know if you’ve been dealing with those anxious thoughts just under the surface. If so, don’t do more. Don’t try to fix anything, unless God is the one leading.

Let’s rest in him. Just be, and see if it leads away from those anxious thoughts.


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