It’s good to be back.

I’ve been off of social media for a month. I removed it from my phone and from my life for 30 days. There was no posting about daily events. No updates on the lives of others.

Sometimes my husband would say something like, “Hey babe, isn’t it awesome that so-and-so did this or that,” and I’d stare blankly.

“Oh yeah, you are on a break,” he’d respond.

And somehow it felt like I was missing something, at least at first. Yet as the days passed, the desire to be so connected diminished. My thoughts calmed. I was able to read an entire chapter of a book without the need to “check in.”

In those 30 days, I was still busy. I was still me.

I hosted a retreat for 70 women. I traveled to Kenya with my sister. I prayed over a new book idea and began to research. I worked hard on a beautiful, exciting new ministry project with two friends. I started cycling in the mornings. I began to take pictures with no other reason than to enjoy the moment.

Being off social media for 30 days allowed me to tune in completely to each of those —  and more importantly the people involved.

Today, I’m back and I’m excited to reconnect with you and in this ministry, but I want to hold on to what I gained in this break.

On my Facebook page today, I’m sharing a 3-day mini-series to help us set boundaries with emotionally unhealthy people, even those we love a lot. But what if we are the ones who are unhealthy in an area of our life? Are we wise enough to to set boundaries for ourselves? Do we respect and care enough about our own wellbeing to be honest about the toll it takes when we don’t?

A healthy boundary is formed when we:

  • Are honest about what is not working
  • Examine the part that we play in the unhealthy aspect
  • Share our need with others and with God, and most of all to acknowledge that need with ourself
  • Step into the new (and stay there) until it feels like home

What do these boundaries look like for me?

Social media remains off my phone. It’s not going to yank me like a dog on a chain every time there’s a notification. I still love connection. It’s a valuable tool in ministry. I’ll continue to celebrate birthdays and life events with people I love. But it will receive a specific amount of time each day and that is all it gets of me.

Setting boundaries has always been something I believed in, but now I realize that a boundary can be a gift I give to myself.

For I am worth it and so are you.


Please join me on my Facebook page to join in the 3 day mini-series.

You’ll discover:

  • what a healthy boundary is, and what it’s not
  • why we need them
  • how to follow through when setting boundaries are met with resistance

Q: Is there an area where you sense God asking you to set a personal boundary? What is it?

You don’t need to share the answer here, but write it down. Show it to God (he already knows). Last, let us know if you need prayer. We’ll wrap around you as you run toward all that God has for you.