Let’s take a deep breath today.

This is one of the busiest months of the year for many.

Rest and slowing down is something that we often deny ourselves, but it’s so needed. So, today, my sweet friend, let’s appreciate the moment. Let’s drink that cup of coffee when it’s hot. Let’s close our eyes and sit still, if only for a short while.

We are going to pause our adventure and just breathe.

If you fell behind in this 21-day faith adventure, you are not alone. Here’s a recap so far:

Living a Life of Thank You

Day #1What is living a life of thank you?

Day #2Let’s be honest about where we fall short

Day #3Giving the junk “up”

Day #4Speaking words that heal

Day #5Unpacking unwanted emotional baggage in 5 (not-so-easy) steps

Day #6Do we dare change our conversations?

Day #7Changing the conversation about faith

Day #8When God is telling you it’s not your assignment

Day #9Creating a language of thank you

Day #10The power of a sincere apology

Day #11 – Bungee cord faith will always let us down

Day #12 – Why we might fear having a selfless heart

Day #1324 hours of no complaints

Day #14Growing a generous heart

Day #15Helping our children live a life of thank you

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day #16.

I can’t wait to see you then.