Healing is hard work and you are worth it

As I recovered from a recent double mastectomy, I was ordered to be still. That meant sitting in a recliner. That meant no heavy lifting.

Though I have a Mary heart, I evidently possess a Martha brain. I struggled with this so much. I wanted to fill that time with something good. Maybe I should write my next book. Maybe I needed to seek God in that down time and have a spiritual epiphany. Maybe I needed to read deep and profound books, so I could grow and learn. Maybe I could fold laundry, if nothing else.

In my struggle, I discounted one important truth:


Healing is hard work.

I wasn’t idle. Not at all. My body was recovering from a major surgery. My muscle and skin grafts needed stillness in order to reconnect and thrive. My heart and spirit needed rest. If I tried to rush the timing, I might get a few things done but I’d push back the healing process weeks or even more.

Maybe you are like me. Whether you are recovering from a relationship gone bad, or a spiritual bruising, or an emotional wound, it’s a struggle to let the healing process unfold.

Be still. 

When you take time to heal, it’s a strong move. Don’t try to fill the healing season with good intentions and others’ ideas of what you should be doing. Don’t make yourself feel guilty because you aren’t juggling and spinning and producing. Your recovery, whether physical, spiritual or emotional, matters to God. Remind yourself that healing is hard work all on its own.

Be still. 

God is your ultimate Healer, Counselor. He’s the ultimate surgeon, inside and out. Maybe someone else needed less time. That’s okay. They aren’t you. God knows what you need. Let that grief find its way to peace. Let those wounds receive as much healing as they need. Talk to God when you feel that pressure to rush ahead. It doesn’t mean you completely stop. It just means you are giving recovery the weight it requires.

In today’s More Than Small Talk podcast (Episode #65), Holley and Jennifer and I share how vulnerable it feels to be in that recovery stage, and the power of allowing recovery to unfold in God’s timing, rather than our own. I hope you tune in, sweet friend.

I pray that you’ll understand how brave you are as you slow down to allow God to show you what you need. To be still even as the pressure is to rush ahead. I pray that you’ll look back one day and see how he healed you and the miracles that came as you trusted.




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I wrote this book after a long season I called “scarred.” I had no idea I would live the words again just weeks after I turned it in. The message held me close.

Joy is more than a feeling. It’s a knowing. 

One of the greatest joy stealers is thinking that it’s our job to fix everything, including ourselves. There’s joy in finding rest. There’s joy in letting go of what is not our assignment to find what is. There’s joy in making room for how we feel, for they become indicators of where God can do his greatest work. There’s joy in knowing whose we are, where to turn, and where to go.

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~ Suzie