I was tired but it had nothing to do with sleep. It was exhaustion from the inside out. So much bad news. So much division. So many questions.

Did you know that Jesus offers rest when we feel like that? Deep-to-the-marrow rest that fills us up spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It’s not something we have to earn. It’s something we receive. When Jesus offered rest in Matthew 11, he said it was for those who labored and were heavy laden.

To labor is a burden we place on ourselves. To be heavy laden is to carry a weight placed on us by another. In either case, we are offered a gift of rest.

The invitation Jesus offers is this: Exchange that burden for mine.

I tend to lean toward laboring. When things feel heavy, I just keep going. I keep working. I keep juggling. I keep trying to find a way to ease that burden myself. What he is offering is his teaching, his example, his love, his direction, and his peace in exchange for all my efforts that lead to a bigger weight. He’s trying to tell me that what he offers is far lighter than the burden I place on myself. It’s healing. It’s hope-filled. It may not immediately change my circumstances, but I’m far lighter in the midst of them.

Regardless of how you got to that place of inside-out exhaustion, this offer is for you too.




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