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5 ways to create a prayer retreat

  Jesus depended on prayer. Whether it was before a wilderness experience or when he was making a big decision, or perhaps praying for the sick, Jesus was often seen withdrawing to lonely places to pray. Our Savior was attuned enough to know...

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Faith: a harvest that God loves

I'm an ordinary girl who just loves Jesus, whose life was changed because He pushed past my angry heart to show me His love. I'm surprised often by the fact that I get to minister and to share the powerful message that God heals. I am also...

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My one word for 2014

January 1 is approaching, and millions of people will make a list of resolutions for the new year. Maybe they'll finally lose that 10 pounds that has stuck with them for 10 years. Or they'll be kinder to people. Perhaps they'll set work goals, or...

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Keep digging deeper in scripture

30 days have come and gone. Isn't it crazy how quickly time flies by? Some of you may question why we didn't finish the book of Ephesians in those 30 days, but reading a book in the Bible isn't our goal. It's to learn how to take apart Scripture...

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