Spirit Led Heart


Are you longing to live a life of love and faith without borders?

Me too, friend.

That’s why I walked into the book of Acts. There I found a group of Jesus followers who were grappling with the message that Jesus had laid on them.

Go . . . into all the world, but start where you are.

Be. . . a witness. A reflection of my love.

Spirit Led Heart Cover

It was a reminder of their purpose, but also a reminder of a rich promise. They would have a Helper. They’d never be alone. Even if they fell. Even when it seemed way too big. Even when they felt “less than.” Not only that, they’d be empowered. Find wisdom. Discernment. Direction. Comfort. Counsel. Faith bigger than their circumstances.

Living and loving our faith without limits has nothing to do with our own efforts–and it has everything to do with God’s Holy Spirit.

The Spirit-Led Heart: Living a Life of Love and Faith Without Borders is a gentle walk as we rediscover the promise of a Helper, and how to live it in our real life.


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I’m grateful for this deep—but somehow accessible—word. As a longtime Christ-follower, I have always had the desire, but not always the tools, to be led by the Spirit. I love this inspirational yet ever practical instruction in how to stop letting our hearts be tossed and turned by the whims of the world and instead be led by God himself. Not only has Suzie given us practical steps, but she’s dared us to challenge our own limited thinking about who God is and how much he loves us.

Kathi Lipp

bestselling author, The Husband Project, Overwhelmed, and Clutter Free

Suzie pushes beyond denominational walls so that the lavish gift of God’s Spirit can flood into every heart.

Amy Carroll

author, Breaking Up with Perfect; speaker and writer, Proverbs 31 Ministries

With a beautiful blend of Bible history, personal stories, moments to stop and ponder, and encouragement to stand up and act, Suzie’s newest book has taught me how to listen with greater intention, to learn with deeper understanding, and to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit with fresh eyes. This is a must-have guidebook for all of us who want to live our lives in closer alignment with the Spirit of God.

Julie Lyles Carr

author, Raising an Original; host, The Modern Motherhood Podcast with Julie Lyles Carr

This book counseled and guided me as I was looking for direction. Suzie’s ability to teach God’s Word intersects with her transparent, vulnerable and powerful life experiences. You’ll wish you could dip the entire book into a bowl of highlighter ink! Thanks for helping me to get back on track Suzie!

Christy Rodriguez

speaker and writer; director and CEO BraveGirlCommunity.com