Spring 2020 | Together Project

Abara Ministries

I first encountered Abara Ministries on a trip to the border with Welcome Women. I met this compassionate, tirelessly working team of men and women ministering along the border.

Abara is a faith-rooted 501(c)3 ministry in central El Paso’s Rio Grande neighborhood meeting emerging needs, conflict, and crisis along the border.

In this Spring, 2020 TogetHER project we requested masks and donations to help vulnerable immigrant women and their families during COVID19.

You helped sew and send over 350 masks! You donated.

As long as COVID continues, there is still a need

Would you consider donating?

Your donation goes direct to Abara and those in crisis, and is tax deductible. 

A Compassion Family smiling

Spring 2019

Girl Set free woman smiling sitting on a couch

Summer 2018

Mission India image - a poor village

Spring 2018

Box of Come with Me Books

Fall 2017

Together Projects

It’s amazing what we can do together

To date, you’ve helped raise over $25,000 for ministries such as Girl Set Free, Mission India, CanopyNWA Refugee ministries, and others. You’ve brought awareness to these ministries and the women who are in the trenches leading them, making a difference.

I know the world feels messed up, but we can focus on what is wrong or we can become a part of the good.

Will you join me?


Spring 2019 Together Project

Bright Families smiling

Bright Smiles, Brighter Future

Did you know that pain often hides behind these beautiful contagious smiles?

This is pain developed due to limited diet and lack of access to oral health care in refugee camps. Even a history of torture can be the culprit behind mouth pain. While all of CanopyNWA refugee clients have access to basic dental care, many of them need more than just the regular cleaning or filling of a cavity.

You helped raise $4000 for the Bright Smiles, Brighter Future: A Together Project.

Summer 2018 Together Project


In the Summer of 2018, the LFT family partnered with Girl Set Free and founder, Amy Kratzer. Our goal was to raise $5000 to purchase sewing equipment to hire additional women and offer them a job, community, and dignity.

Girl Set Free uses fashion and design to empower survivors of human trafficking so they can be given freedom, independence and the chance at a better story.

You helped us raise over $6,731.14!

Girl set free woman sitting on a couch smiling

Spring 2018 Together Project

Mission India poor village

Mission India

Lifting women and children out of oppression together.

You helped sponsor 180 women, teachers, and materials for a year-long literacy program!

Our Spring, 2018 project was to sponsor one literacy class for women in India who do not know how to read. We hoped to sponsor 30 women.

You helped sponsor 180 women!

Fall 2017 Together Project

Buy one get one

Thanks to the Living Free Together community, nearly 300 books were placed in the hands of women in jail, pregnancy crisis centers, given to women freed from the sex slave trade, placed in the library of a prison, and were sent to specific ministries within Turkey and India.

Suzie ministered to the beautiful residents within the prison.

This was accomplished through the first Together project during the launch of Suzie’s Come With Me Devotional: A Yearlong Adventure in Following Jesus. For every book you purchased, Suzie matched it.

FAQ: Why can’t I donate directly to you?

For integrity’s sake, we want every dollar to go direct to the organization. You can be assured that 100% of your funds go that non-profit ministry.

Box of Come with Me books
Together wall


I believe when we come together to love like Jesus, the world is changed. If you have questions about Together projects, we’d love to hear from you.

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