The Unburdeded Heart

Your heart can be free!

We all know Jesus commands us to forgive. But what about the hard questions that keep coming up? Questions like:

  • Why should I forgive when I did nothing wrong?
  • Doesn’t forgiveness let the offender off the hook?
  • What if the person who hurt me is still destructive or in denial?
  • I see joy in the life of others. Will I ever find it?

With the power of story along with biblical teaching, you can find answers to your questions and break free from the past, no matter who hurt you or how badly.

Rather than asking you to “just forgive”, we gently uncover how forgiveness allows us to let go, or to find shelter, or to get out of the debt collection business once and for all, and to leave the past to live fully in the present.

The Unburdened Heart Cover


More times than not, forgiveness is a process instead of an event. It’s costly and painful, yet freeing and beautiful. Suzie handles this topic with truth and grace. If you’ve got an unhealed area in your soul, I ask you to go on this journey with her. Trust her to hold your hand and lead you to places of grace and healing. Freedom waits for you on the other side.

Susie Larson

Radio personality, best-selling author of Your Beautiful Purpose, speaker.

If you’ve been carrying a heavy load of hurt, resentment, bitterness or pain, God wants you to be set free. Suzie’s book not only shows why we should forgive but also teaches us how to walk through the process.

Leslie Vernick

Licensed Counselor, Coach, speaker, and author of the bestseller The Emotionally Destructive Relationship.

Suzie will invite you into a place of hope and healing to experience the sacred transformation that forgiveness brings.

Renee Swope

award-winning author of A Confident Heart

Whether you are weighed down with a deep betrayal or yearn to be free of any petty grudges you might be carrying, Suzie Eller provides the tools needed to forgive and grow emotionally and spiritually. She powerfully shares practical insights and biblical wisdom and challenges and guides us to move beyond our hurts and bitter disappointments into the freedom of forgiveness that God provides.

Georgia Shaffer

Author, Licensed Psychologist, speaker and life coach.