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How big is God? Is He only as big as our last answered prayer? Or is He big enough to still be called Lord when life is hard, or when the answer we are receiving seems less than what we hoped for?

In Rob Bell’s Nooma study, Open, he says that we experience Christ best when our lives become a posture of prayer. Pressing in to God regardless of where we are, what is taking place, how we feel, or even if we are walking through the hardest parts of our existence. But that same posture in the joyous seasons of our lives. In the smallest moments of joy.

What happens when that takes place?

Our lives become wrapped around who He is. 

Father, this is hard, but this is who You are, and I will know You through every step.

We often see this in the Psalms, when David is brutally honest with God about how hard it is, how his enemies press all around him. He is not afraid to be real with God, and yet just as real are his next words… “But this is who You are, God.”

It’s what I felt when a drunk driver hit my son. When I had cancer. When finances dipped so low for so long in spite of all of our efforts that we didn’t know when or how things would change.

But God was the unchanging ingredient in each of those times. He offered shelter. Joy. Peace. And when I look back I see that He carried us through those times, and in many instances performed miracles of provision and healing. And yet it is His consistent presence in our lives (whether we felt it at the time or not) that proved to be the greatest miracle.

Father, what a joy this is, and I will celebrate with You through every step.

Do we press into Him in a posture of prayer in the good? When we are whole, when life is rocking along in a beautiful rhythm, when our children aren’t rebellious, when our marriages are in sync, when there’s enough in the account to pay the bills?

It’s just as key to praise Him then, to trust Him, to hear His heart — one that has little to do with what we have, but where He wants us to go, and perhaps even to pour into others who are in the “for worse” parts of their lives.

This creates a consistent lifestyle of faith. One that doesn’t rock up and down with the waves, but on course, steady, regardless of what is taking place around us–because He is solid. He is sure. He is unchanging.

Today, I pray that each of us grasp how big God truly is in the good, and in the bad, and in the process our lives truly become a posture of prayer.

Today I’m offering a giveaway of a sweet friend and P31 sister, Lysa TerKeurst’s book, When Women Walk in Faith. I recently picked it up and re-read it and it’s impacting my life all over again.

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