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Scripture Text: Matthew 16:13-23

1. How did Jesus set boundaries with flawed people?

2. In what way did Jesus show Peter love by being honest about His needs in that critical hour?

3. In what ways have you set boundaries with those who have crossed the line, are abusive, or who may cause harm to your relationship with your spouse, your children, or your faith?

4. When you hear the statement that “boundaries aren’t intended to punish, but to work toward the healthiest relationship possible”, what is your reaction?

5. Is forgiveness and loving with intention the foundation of your boundaries? If not, can you explain how that might change things?

6. What is one thing that spoke to you through this study?

7. What is one action step you can take?

Resource: The Mom I Want to Be-Rising Above Your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future

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Resource: Boundaries by Dr’s. Henry Cloud and John Thompson