Sometimes I share one of the thousands of emails I receive each year, because I think you are asking the same question. Today Nancy asked about a question about being afraid. I think she’s brave for asking. ~ Suzie

Dear Suzie

You asked what I was afraid of. I’ll give you a list. I’m:

  • afraid of God
  • afraid of giving over control
  • afraid of failing to do something He would want of me
  • afraid of disappointing Him.  Afraid of failing…again

How’s that for a list? Is God disappointed in me?


Dear Nancy,

You mentioned a blog post in your email. Do you remember how we talked about perspective in that blog post?

Let’s look at this in a different way.

What if you exchanged those fears with anticipation?

What if you “did it afraid” and you:

  • Discovered that God lives up to the attributes of His name: shelter, peace, cleansing, provision, healer
  • Gave up control and followed Him to places you might have never gone otherwise (spiritually, emotionally, physically)
  • Learn that He calls fallible people just like you and me, people with huge gaps in their lives, and it His strength and power that matters, not ours.
  • Began to view failure as part of the learning process. Getting back up. Trusting. Growing as we learned what not to do and where to turn. You see, there is no failure when you get up. It’s part of learning to be strong. You start recognizing the land mines to avoid, and let the Lord redirect you.

I’m so glad you asked your question. I pray you will read Romans 8:35-39 and insert your name in this transforming scripture.

His love conquers fear. Keep asking these questions. Keep growing. Take a small step and celebrate that step. Hold tight to Him all the way.

We all have fears. We all question. The fact that you are unafraid to voice them, and are reaching for God — that’s faith.

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Praying with you today.