I returned from Atlanta on Saturday night tired but spiritually refreshed, and with a few new friends.

I spoke at a Let’s Get Real conference in Duluth, GA this past weekend. I was met at the airport by one of the youngest almost 60-year-olds I have ever met. She’s a pastor’s wife, but also teaches a spin class. I love that combo!

Jeanne has a desire to see God work in her community and in her church, and it shows. She has a “whatever it takes, God” heartbeat, but is willing for that work to begin in her first.

“If God wants me on my knees, I’ll go to my knees,” she said softly. “And if He wants me on my face, I’ll go to my face on the ground.”

I just have to wonder what God can do with a heart like that.

What could He do in our ministries? Our families? Our churches? Our communities?

Let’s Get Real was one of their first events in this church’s new women’s ministry, and every detail was beautiful, including the focus of the team. One by one they shared how they had prayed, how they had asked God for big things.

I anticipate that they’ll receive what they’ve been asking for.

I love it when I have the privilege of being a small part of such a God-filled event.

What about you? If you are seeking change, are you willing to allow that change to begin in you first?