One of my heroes is a man who fought for his marriage when it seemed impossible.

“I’d leave,” one advised.

“Turn, and never look back,” said another.

To be honest. It made sense. He had a biblical foundation to give up on his marriage, but he refused.

Today, years later, his marriage is solid. But more than that, it’s truly a close relationship built on respect and love.

If you didn’t know their story, you’d never know that they struggled through one of the hardest obstacles a relationship could encounter.

To live free: Believe in the impossible.

I struggled with putting this on here. What about the unfaithful? The spouse who seems to have completely lost their way?

But we believe for miracles in many aspects of our lives. Why not our marriage? Why not believe that God can reach down and arrest the heart of our spouse with His love and transforming power?

We can’t change our spouse or the circumstances, but is it possible to place your faith in a God who heals?

And who promises to comfort ours while we believe and pray.

That in itself is a miracle of great worth.

Scripture: Oh God, your ways are holy. Is there any god as mighty as you? You are the God of great wonders. You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations. Psalm 77:13-14 (NIV).

Quote for Today: Many professing Christians claim that miracles died out with the apostolic era. Yet, these believers claim that people are still being saved today. If there are no miracles, there is a tragic contradiction here. No miracles? Then no one is being converted—because when a person is born again through the agency of the Holy Spirit, that is one of God’s greatest miracles. ~ Herschel Hobbs