“People think Suzie has it all together, but God knows that she is battling,” the pastor said, praying quietly with me. And then he began to speak words over a heart that hungrily received them.

Words like, “Lord, she can’t do it on her own”.

Have you ever been in that place? Where you don’t expect God to hone in on you and expose the anxious thoughts or the¬†tired places in your life?

What grace.

What love.

What a kind God that doesn’t leave us there.

As I enter the New Year I could tell you all about my goals or my aspirations, or I could simply say I just want Him.

So much more of Him.

I want to rest in the arms of a Savior who knows exactly who Suzie is, where she is, and what I need.

But I also pray that out of that rest comes His will. His words. His purpose. His plan.

I’m a goal-making kind of girl, but for today I’m just a girl who can’t do it on her own.