In the book, Hope in the Face of Conflict, it reads: No researchers have ever found a conflict-free society.

There is conflict. . .even in healthy families.

There is conflict. . .even in normal relationships.

If we perceive conflict as always bad, things get confusing. We enter a marriage and think that if we love each other, then there shouldn’t be conflict. Or we have a baby who is perfect, but then they grow up and we wonder where things went wrong.

But if instead, we accepted from the very beginning that there will be conflict, instead of being suprised, we’d be prepared with a plan.

What will I do when conflict arises?

What is my plan?

Will I erupt with words and actions I can’t take back? No. Will I isolate myself and hope it will go away? No. Those are the reactions of someone who is unarmed and unaware.

Conflict will take place. We might not see it coming. It may come out of a seemingly innocent event or encounter. Our first part of the plan, however, is to view conflict as an opportunity.

It completely changes the way we view conflict.

The issues won’t stay hidden where they can grow deep into bitterness. This will not longer be a secret that I carry. Conflict won’t be a rock wall between me and someone I love.

Instead, conflict brings it to the light where we can figure it out together and come out on the other side stronger.

How exciting is that? I get to live life healthy, both emotionally and spiritually.

Have you avoided conflict? Does it change the way you think to view it as an opportunity?