A one-year-old held out her fingers and tapped them together.

“She wants more,” her mother said.

She was learning sign language. Too often, mom had no clue what her baby wanted and her daughter didn’t have the words to express it. Sometimes, after several moments of miscommunication, the one-year-old would simply give up and wail in frustration.

I’ve been there. There have been times I didn’t have the words to express what was wrong. Or what I needed. And often, I wasn’t sure of how to put words behind the feeling.

But the reality is that I wanted. . . more.

More. .  . peace.

I wanted to spend less time trying to tap dance before Him to show Him all the things I was doing. He didn’t ask me to tap dance. All He asked was that I be His.

More. . . depth.

If God is God, and He is, then there are depths to knowing Him. I don’t want to be stuck in a holding pattern or mired in a shallow faith.

More. . .power.

Power to live. Power to love. Power to believe in the largeness of God and what He can do. Power to believe in the times that nothing makes sense.

More. . .direction.

I don’t want my purpose splashed on a billboard. I just want direction in the daily nitty gritty of life. Purpose as I love and laugh with Richard. Purpose as I hold a grandbaby close. Purpose as I write. Let me be sensitive to your voice, Father.

The beauty of this is that God knew what I needed all along. I may have not have had the words, but He did.

What more do you want? Are you, like me, holding your hands in the air, your fingertips tapping gently together, asking and thanking God for more?