Last June she sent an email. It said, “What’s going on? God has asked me to pray for you. That feeling just won’t go away.”

What she didn’t know is that my heart was in a thousand pieces on the floor. I was in a place of extreme trust, a place that I couldn’t rely on my own strength.

That’s a hard place to be for an independent girl who says she trusts God, but who leans on her own strength just as keenly.

When she walked through the door of the retreat, that time had become a distant memory.

She reached for a hug, and with just a few words it all came back. I could only rejoice in what God had accomplished in that time.

I shared the message I had prepared for that weekend with the beautiful group of women, my friend among them. As I spoke I felt a prompting to share that story, the one I’d never shared before.

At the end of the retreat we had a chance to hang out and talk.

I discovered that the words from that message were exactly what she had needed.

You see, she is in her own place of extreme trust.

I love how God works, bringing this “stranger” into my life at a time when all I could do was hold on, and then bringing her back into my life to speak words of comfort and strength into hers.

For me, the miracle I received last June wasn’t an answer to my specific prayer, but rather the peace that comes when you realize you simply aren’t big enough, BUT discover His strength in the midst.

And that’s my prayer for my friend, and for you as well. That when you aren’t big enough, you’ll reach for the One who is and discover your own miracle.