I stepped in poop the other day.

I was changing Elle and reached to drop the diaper in the Genie when plop. . . it dropped out of the diaper onto the floor. Holding her with one hand, I reached with a wipe and my floot slid. . .

right into the poop.

Right between my toes.

She had eaten corn the day before. . . (enough said).

I was holding poop in one hand. Standing in poop. Corn on my big toe. Trying to hold a poopy child to keep her from rolling off the changing table.

Have you ever felt like you’re just mired in. . . poop?

I’m reading a great devotional for mom’s this morning. Ann Voskamp and Renee Swope and others are sharing their nitty gritty mom moments in Susan Wallace’s book, Always There: Reflections for Moms on God’s Presence.

What I love about this book is that it shows how God can show up in those poopy moments, in the mundane, when we need a shower, when the laundry is spilling over, when the clock says it’s nearly afternoon and you’ve worked nonstop but can’t see the results.

Because moms need that encouragement. God’s presence is always there when we need it most.

As we nurture, pour out, love, teach, He’s right with us because we are His girl.

As you clean up that mess. . . again, He shows you the joy in the routine.

As you soothe that crying child, He soothes His girl.

As you teach your child who threw the block at his sister, or the teen who wants his freedom but doesn’t have the maturity yet, He teaches you the power of self-control, of spiritual insight, of peace that has nothing to do with the immediate.

Having a poopy day?

God is there with you in the midst of it. Fully invite Him in to the mess. Let Him nurture you as you pour into the beautiful, messy, challenging role of motherhood.

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