You get frantic.

Your thoughts are tumbling.

Let me be with you. 


Had Sarah Young (Jesus Calling) been peeking into my life?

There were blog posts to write. A looming book deadline. Emails. A church waiting for a response. A family birthday. Bills to pay. The flowers needed water. Food to prepare.

And yet none of these are as important as the words that filled my heart.

Suzie, how many times do I have to slow you down so I can fill you up? When will you stop trying to do it all without me?

I placed my hands on my knees palms up.

It took several moments before my thoughts settled.

And then I sensed God’s presence. So quiet. Passing by, settling in.

I love you, Lord.

None of this matters if I don’t pause long enough to be with you.

Several minutes later I stood.


Still busy, but the most important part of my day was complete.

Do you relate to this?

Is pressure to do things, to be somewhere, to finish something driving you right past the place God desires to fill you up?