Four years ago I was chasing a dream.

Every time I tried to make it happen, I felt that “check” inside.

That small inner voice that said “not yet”.

I didn’t want to put it down. I asked again. There was the check again.

So I put it down . . . all the way down.  

Then last month I received a call.

Out of the blue.

“Are you interested in. . .?”

And finally I felt it. That small gentle nudge inside that said, “Yes, it’s time.”

Funny how that happens. When the door is shut tight and it flies open, and yet this time it’s the right time.

This month I join Luann Prater and JoyFM as co-host of Encouragement Cafe, an amazing radio program that ministers to women from Florida to California. Joining this veteran radio host who has worked so hard to build this ministry and dream is a gift.

And perhaps I could have made it happen in my own way and my own timing, but this is better than what I would have done, and it’s God’s timing and plan, rather than my own.

Are you feeling that little check?