Have you ever worked all night in your sleep, only to awaken with bags at half mast and nothing accomplished?

I have.

The sad thing is that I know the things I could have done differently.

Recently I read Lisa Morrone’s book, Sleep Well Again. It was fascinating to read all the real work that happens when we sleep well. While we sleep, a series of checks and balances begin as our system is fine tuned in phases, like a Master’s hand gently going over the wiring and tired parts of His creation.

When I start working in my sleep, it’s time to go in a new direction. To be honest about the things that keep me up when my body is screaming for rest. To slow the night down and move toward rest. To acknowledge (and do something) that the rest my body craves is more important than the to-do’s that will be waiting there the next morning.

Lord, I need rest. But I also know how to find that rest. I acknowledge that I have been going at such a pace that I have put rest last. Thank you for giving us such a creative way to restore physically and mentally. You amaze me.