My sister held out a funny birthday card. “Isn’t that hilarious?” she asked. I thought it was cute and I laughed.

But seconds later I got it, and burst out in laughter. It was hilarious!

The punch line was obscure. Not hidden, but not in your face. That’s what made it even funnier. That moment when the light went on and it made sense.

Yesterday I dug into the book of Acts. Jesus was spending his last moments on earth with his disciples, and to be honest. . . they still didn’t fully get it.

They saw miracles. They watched Jesus die. They talked to him and walked with him after his resurrection.

But even at this point they didn’t fully realize his mission or purpose for coming.

He was explaining that they would receive power to minister in his physical absence, and yet they stood around with puzzled looks saying, “Isn’t this the time you’re going to restore the kingdom to Isreal?”

Jesus had something just for them. . . and for us, and they were still looking to him to finish the job.

You and I have been given a job. To tell others about the immense joy of knowing Christ, but more than that to impact a world with a message that God is who he says he is, and that to bring that message to the brokenhearted, to the bound, to those impoverished, to those blind to his power and to his love.

Sometimes, like me, you might look at others and ask, “When are you going to finish the job?”

When Christ is looking at us and saying, “I have everything that you need. Go.”

For the next few weeks I want to dig deeper into Acts and see what scripture has for us on this topic.

Do you feel God calling you to make an impact in his name?

Are you praying for clarity?

Have you been waiting for God or others to do a work that might have your name written on it?