Why did Christ come?

Let’s listen in to conversations among believers or in churches and see if we can find an answer.

Did He come that we can prosper financially? Even when those of us who struggle greatly still have more than the majority of those in other parts of the world?

Did He come that we can judge others, though we fall so very short ourselves?

Let’s see what others have believed. For generations the Israelites thought that the Messiah would come as a mighty king and re-establish authority over every other nation. Can you imagine how confusing it was when a humble carpenter’s son declared Himself to be the Messiah?

In Acts, Peter shares that God’s plan all along was to bring salvation through repentance and forgiveness.

This so that He could re-establish intimacy and fellowship. That is the real power, and the most generous and loving gift.

Because that’s where we find Him, and in doing so we find us. We find direction. We find healing. We find deep-rooted joy.

That’s where the name believer becomes more than belonging to a church or a set of religious beliefs.

It’s communion with Christ Himself.

How often do we think of God in terms of doing something for us on a grand scale, and miss what has already been offered?

Today’s scripture: Acts 5:26-32

Real Life: Take an honest look at why you call yourself a believer. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s gift all over again.

Taking it Deeper: Read Luke 4:18 – why did Jesus come? Take time to thank Him for that gift, and what it has done in your life or that of others close to you.