Too far gone.

Been praying for years and it just won’t happen.

He’s too bad. Too lost. Too broken. Too angry. Too far away.


I can only  imagine that is how Saul is described by believers.

Stephen has just died a horrible death. The cloaks of his accusers are laid at the feet of young Saul, who completely agreed with the killing (Acts 8:1). Saul goes everywhere to destroy the budding church, from house to house dragging both men and women into prison.

What they didn’t know is that God saw a scene far different. He saw the destiny He had placed on this man’s heart from the moment of conception. 

Eventually Saul became Paul, one of the greatest voices in Christianity, a man humbled by his past and lifted high by a God who stopped him in his tracks to remind him of his purpose.

Maybe you are praying for a “Saul”. Addicted or lost or angry or broken or seemingly far outside God’s reach.

Maybe you are a Saul. Not realizing that God sees what people cannot.

Today look beyond the constrictions of what people say or believe about you or the one you love to remember a God who reaches into the darkest or most broken heart to rescue His own. To set their feet on a path far different than they ever thought they’d walk.

Rejoice in that!

Lift up your heart up in praise as “Saul” becomes Paul as you place your loved one or your own heart in the hands of a God who sees you.