All three of my grandbabies are sick. Luke is on bout number five or six this season with congestion and fever. Elle is cranky and feverish. Baby Jane is at the doctor with a 102.3 fever.

More and more I realize how my heart is firmly wrapped around these three little ones. I love their calls with the excited words, “Gaga! Gaga!”. I treasure a tiny arm wrapped around my neck or a downy head tucked close to mine.

To think that they are sick is unsettling, waiting for the news that the fever has broken or a little one is getting better.

As I wait for news this morning I wonder if God, who is said to love us more than a human can understand, feels the same way.

And even as I ask such a foolish question, I hear a gentle “yes, Suz”.

He longs for those close times when we place an arm around His neck to call Him Abba Father.

He loves a hand tucked in His, allowing His great strength to direct and protect us.


And when we are far away and troubled or sick at heart, He walks through it with us until disheartenment breaks and we find our way back to steady footing.

If you are struggling today, please know that God sees you like I see these three angels who are gifts in my life. Draw close to Him. Take Him by the hand. Snuggle in an Abba Father’s embrace.