Today on Moms Together Karen Ehman is sharing what it means to let it go.

Karen is a self professed control “freak”.

Her words, not mine.

A few Christmases ago she sensed that it was time to ease up on the control.

When her son decided to help with the lights he didn’t wrap them carefully or color coordinate, but instead he placed them here and there and everywhere. . . colors all mixed up, no straight lines.

Then he decorated the tree. Karen sat back and watched, fighting the desire to move an ornament here or there, or to complain that the old oranments were taking over the tree while the beautiful new ones were still in the box.

Afterwards, as Karen sat and looked at the imperfect decorations, her son ran up and said, “Mom, this was the most fun I’ve ever had decorating.”

Those words propelled Karen back to her own childhood. Where every strand of lights had to be perfect. Every silvery icle in place.

But it also brought her back to years past when she had a perfectly decorated tree, but had done so by controlling every aspect of the day.

Rather than a family day, those moments were laced with sighs, anger, and no fun at all.

Letting it go is more than a catch phrase for Karen. It’s become a way of life. She’s still a control freak by nature, but a Let.It.Go mom by nurture. She chooses to let it go consciously, over and over, controlling those things that are necessary while enjoying the messy moments in between.

Do you struggle with control?

What is one thing you can offer up to the Lord today in this area?

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