Not what was, but what can be. . .

Is this still true when you’ve been affected by another person or your past?

It is!

I was born to a beautiful young mom (prettiest mom in my school) who had her first child at 16. That led to abuse, and cheating, and near poverty. She had another child at 18, and lost her first little one shortly after. After a series of terrible fights and physical abuse, she fled.

For the first time in a long time she felt safe until her husband found her. He held roses in and said he was sorry. Then he assaulted her sexually and left her on the stairwell. Weeks later she realized she was pregnant.

I was that baby.

Growing up was hard but I’ve always been grateful for the courage it took for my mom to keep me.

That brokenness, and the fact that our dad didn’t rescue my mom or us, fractured me and my siblings as we grew up. It was chaotic. Hard. There were punishments or rages that were scary. But there also moments of absolute normalcy. It was confusing.

When I became a Christian, I began to pray that my heart would heal.

The more I prayed the more I sensed that forgiving was key.

But how?


not what was, but what can be

And that’s where we begin our journey together.

The more that I began to grasp the understanding of what it mean to forgive, the more I realized who I was.

Separate from my past. 

Separate from the brokenness of another person. 

The two pictures are of the same person.

But one was, and the other is what could be with God’s help.

My past shaped me, but it didn’t define me or limit who I can be.

That’s my promise to you today.

Are you ready to discover what can be?

Did you read the Introduction of The Unburdened Heart (click here to read Intro free) this week?

Q: If you were to post a picture of who you once where, what would that image be?

Q: If you were to post a picture of who you desire to be, what would we see in that photo?

Q: Why do you feel led to forgive?

Q: What challenges are there as you begin that journey?

Q: How can I pray with you today?