forgiveIt’s important to know what forgiveness is, and we’ll go so much more in depth on that in coming weeks.

But it’s important to know what it’s not. This is an area where we can get really, really stuck.

Forgiveness is not:

  • allowing abuse to continue
  • it’s not trying to outforgive God

After your personal study time in the word, get out your journal and read Chapter One if you haven’t already where we take this much deeper together.

Now, take our your journal. Share your thoughts as you answer these questions. If you have additional questions, you are in the right place. While I don’t have all the answers, we can look into scripture together. We can pray together. We can ask God to begin to gently show us His heartbeat in this stage of forgiveness.

1. “Surrendering is an active form of spiritual warfare, because you are no longer battling alone. With God’s help, you are resisting the enemy who desires nothing more than to rob you of purpose and joy (John 10:10)”.

a. What were your thoughts as you read that statement?

b. How does it apply to you today?


2. What confusing messages do we often receive about forgiving? Name one that you’ve struggled with.


3. Read 2 Corinthians 3:17-18. The word “transformed” in this passage means a spiritual inner change. If no one but you changes in this journey to forgive, what do you stand to gain regardless of any other person’s inability to change?


4. Have you ever tried to out forgive God (see page 25-28)? Describe a different way that you might be able to forgive in this instance?

5. Why is it so important that we understand the context of scripture as we give or receive advice?