You’re on the path to living free from the burden of unforgiveness and reconciliation is possible through Christ. It may not be a one-to-one encounter, but begin in your heart.

Which means that reconciliation is birthed regardless of another person’s inability to change or because they are no longer in the picture.

There is still healing!


Write a prayer today for a fresh start in your heart.

Q: In Luke 4:18 Jesus stated that He came to set the captive free. In what ways have you been held captive by unforgiveness?

Q: How have you grown or changed in the past few years? Name one way you hope that transformation is acknowledged by others.

 Q: If the person you are trying to forgive has changed or grown in any way, take a moment and reflect on that change. Has it been acknowledged?

Q: If there is no chance of face-to-face reconciliation, how does reconciliation in your heart set you free?

Father, we don’t want to live in yesterday anymore. We desire to fully live in today, to see the miracles around us, to laugh, to be excited about tomorrow. Redeem the past as only You can do. Take it and hold it and put it into priority, giving room to grow and to transform. If there is someone with which you desire that we begin a fresh start, begin that work today in us with wisdom and insight. In the powerful name of Jesus, amen.