OneWord2013_ForgiveThis January I chose my one word for 2013. . . prayerfully.

I thought it might be surprise as Richard and my lives took a new turn in a new place with a new job and a new church.

But it wasn’t.

Perhaps it was growth. God was stretching me beyond my comfort zone in ministry.

But one word kept pressing as I prayed.


I had forgiven big things. Accepted what I could not change, embraced what I could, and found joy in the freedom of forgiving.

But there are depths to be found in living a forgiving lifestyle. It’s choosing to intentionally walk toward God’s best in that area of our heart. And though I joyfully believe in the power of forgiveness, I’m acutely aware that forgiving isn’t a one-time event nor is it easy.

You and I have spent the past six weeks studying The Unburdened Heart: Finding the Freedom of Forgiveness

There are additional chapters to read, to study, to apply, to discover what God has for you. And perhaps, like me, as you’ve read and stretched and grown, He’s pressing this one word on your heart for the remainder of 2013.

If so, post this one word on your site, or make a bookmark out of it, or press it between the pages of your Bible.

It’s a promise to yourself.

This will be the year that you discover the joy of letting go, of letting God move in, of a role reversal, of a new identity in Him, of shifting from yesterday to today.

I pray that you continue reading The Unburdened Heart. Share your stories here. Ask your questions and let’s search scripture together. Shall we?