soundwaveA thousand voices pull and tug at us every day.

Do this, that’s what I’d do.

Why are you doing that? It makes no sense.

Stop. Go. Give her what she deserves. Don’t be rash. I’d tell him exactly what I think. Be wise.

It can make your head spin. So, who do you listen to?

First, we don’t listen to those whose voices are often the loudest. You know, the person who tells you to walk away, or to give them what they “deserve”, and yet they fail to have close connections with loved ones. If their life and their relationships don’t reflect what you want, then their words can’t be your guide.

Wise counsel is always a great choice, but even before that step, have you listened for the voice of God?

In Psalm 29, King David that voice as:

  • echoing above the sea

I love the sound of the sea, unless I’m lost in the storm. (Mark 4:39) Maybe the storm is all around you, and voices are saying do this, don’t do that, which makes it that much harder to find your way.

Shut those voices out for 24 hours.

Listen to the voice that echoes above the sea. He’s the one who will lead you. His voice is the one that matters.

  • majestic

His voice reigns over feelings. It’s bigger than the inner voice that says, “I’m not capable.” It’s bigger than your past.

God knows you.

As you trust Him, He gives you what you need. It might not look like what you thought it would. It might not line up with our cultural ideas of what success should be. But there’s peace that transcends circumstances or people, because you realize that God sees the bigger picture and He sees you. (Romans 8:31)

  • splitting the mighty cedars

Sometimes we simply can’t see tomorrow. Too much stands in the way.

I’m there right now. I can’t clearly see how everything is going to work out as we run after the dream God placed in our heart nearly two years ago.

But the voice of my God splits the mighty cedars.

Maybe that’s just enough to take one step for today, or perhaps the entire picture is revealed and a path is formed in an instant. (Matthew 7:24-27) Either way, God’s voice is the one that I will listen to. This is the one thing that has helped me live fully right where I am, even if tomorrow isn’t completely clear yet.

  • makes the barren wilderness quake

There are those times that you may feel completely alone. Isolated. Or your heart hurts from loss.

Oh, sister, His voice transcends even those barren places.

He brings rain and hope into the wilderness. His voice comforts. Protects. Holds close. He can provide what our heart needs. (1 Kings 19:3-7) He meets us in the middle of the wilderness with strength and compassion.

Are you distracted by many voices?

Will you listen to the One voice today?

What might that look like for you?

My friend, Mary DeMuth, wrote a great post about this today. I hope you’ll read it –  Choose the One.