Do you ever find yourself juggling too many things?

I do.

If I don’t take the time to evaluate my life, I’ll keep on believing that I’m the busiest person in the world and there’s no hope of slowing down.

How do we evaluate our life when we’re juggling like crazy?

We start as we honestly answer these questions.

What fills my time?

Is there anything I’m doing that isn’t absolutely necessary?

[ctt template=”4″ link=”DcZTA” via=”yes” ]Do I need to say “no” to one or two so that I can say “yes” to a more restful family and a more rested me? #TheMendedHeart @suzanneeller[/ctt]

When do I find myself juggling the most?

Is any of this self-imposed and, if so, what can I do about that?

Do I have to do everything? Do I ask others to help? Do I allow others to help?

Do I have time stealers — those things that become habit or addictive – that take away from things that I really love or want to do?

Am I willing to put those time stealers (or activities that seem important but are negotiable) aside for a week?

What does that look like? (Make a plan.)

Several years ago I started asking these questions every six months. The answers are often eye-opening. I’ve learned that I pile things on my plate, and if I didn’t slow it down every six months or so to evaluate my life, I’d just keep piling them on until they toppled (and I came down with them).

There are seasons we’ll juggle, but we don’t have to live this way in every season.

Slow it down today. Answer the questions as honestly as you can. Make at least one change.

Praise God, he’ll show us how to bring balance back one small step at a time.