If you came over from my new friend’s blog, the Devotional Diva, I’m so glad to meet you.

And I hope it’s the beginning of a new friendship.

You see, in just three days a month of extraordinary forgiveness stories will be launched right here in the Forgive to Live Challenge. So I hope you come back, especially if forgiving is something you long to do.

Forgiveness isn’t just an act of the will, it’s a desire of God’s heart for you.

Unburdened Heart_Grass&Sky_smallWe are called to live fully, and with an unburdened heart, and forgiveness is the path that leads to that freedom.

Each week in the month of July you’ll hear from people who felt as if their circumstances were to big to forgive, and yet they longed to live beyond the burden they carried due to their past, or another person’s actions.

In addition to the stories, you’ll be given practical steps and spiritual and scriptural power tools that offer tangible help as you take these important steps to living life unburdened.

If you are new, I’d love to meet you. Please leave a comment and let me check out your blog, or your story, or pray for you. While you are at it, subscribe to the feed (on the sidebar) so this can show up in your news feed or inbox each week.

If you’d like, here is a free chapter of The Unburdened Heart: Finding the Freedom to Forgiveness.

There are a couple ways we can connect as we go through the Challenge: Twitter and Facebook.

And I can’t wait to reconnect when you come back this next Monday as we begin the #forgivetolive challenge together.