Forgive to Live_06

Sometimes the big stuff seems easier to forgive, right?

Something little happens and you’re irked, angry. It alienates friendships or family.

There you are, right on the edge of diving into all that God has for you and something small has tripped you up.

How do you forgive the little stuff so that you can experience all that God has for you?  This is from The Unburdened Heart (page 180).


Living Grace in Real Life

I struggled years ago with living life as a forgiver, so I decided to study grace and discover how I could live in it. Those finding reshaped my relationship with God when grace became more than a theory.

Each day when I woke up, I spent time with my heavenly Father, not out of duty but because time with Him and in His presence changes me.

When I walked into that place, it was without guilt, without hang-ups. that was a conscious choice on my part.

Today, when I walk into this secret place (see Matthew 6:6), I do so knowing that God knows what I need before I even ask (see v. 8). if yesterday was hard, He already knows that; so I offer up every part of that day to Him.

If I struggled, He already knows that; so I hold up those struggles and ask for insight and wisdom.

If I am joyous, I don’t hold back that joy but celebrate it with Him.

Each day is a new opportunity.goldfish jumping out of the water

When I fail, and I do, it isn’t an opportunity to heap guilt or obsess over that failure, because there’s no merit in it. It’s an opportunity to walk into the Source of grace and ask for forgiveness as I honestly repent and ask for direction and grace to do better. . .

When someone else fails, it isn’t an opportunity to heap guilt or obsess. . .  wait, that’s exactly what I just said.

But that’s the reality of it. We give ourselves what God offers.

We offer to others what He has so graciously given to us.

This is charis (grace) transforms someone the most. 

Many times it actually takes me further outside our comfort zones as you trust His leading and hear and recognize His voice and follow where He leads. It might lead to holding your tongue, or looking at the bigger picture, or sharing your need w/o heaping guilt.

All healthy grace-filled responses rather than lashing out or withdrawing or holding on to a grudge.

You can read more of this chapter in The Unburdened Heart: Finding the Freedom of Forgiveness.

Is there a frenemy God is leading you to forgive? Let’s pray together as you take that step. Remember, it’s not about their response. It’s about God’s invitation to you to forgive so you can live free.