fill me upMy house is filled with boxes. The pictures have been taken off the wall. My garage is full, ready for the U-Haul to be loaded on Saturday.

We have left a church family that we love, but are finding a new one. The services are different. The way they do church together is different from what we have known, but different is good! It’s causing us to stretch our wings and see what God has in store for us to learn.

My sabbatical was so needed. Thank you for your patience as I finished up a new book. I’ll tell you more about it later, but there was new beginnings in that project, too.

Half way through the book, I sensed God asking me to lay it down.

Do you know how it is when you’re at a pace and suddenly the brakes are put on, and you skid to a halt? That was me. The Lord asked me to take a step back and simply be alone with Him for a bit.

In a little prayer room in Arkansas I rediscovered Jesus all over again. 

He asked me to live with open hands.

With my book.

With my ministry.

With the radio show.

With finances.

With direction.

Which helped me write a different kind of book. Still the same title. Still the same goal. But with so much more depth.

It also helped me to view this new beginning with no agenda. No set plan. I simply want to discover what God wants. Even if He asks me to lay something old down to begin something new.

I’m grateful that you are praying with us we move into our new house and city.

I’ll share some pics, and invite you in to bless the house with me. Our prayer is that it will be a place where people come to talk about Jesus and grow in their faith.

Sabbatical is over! I’ll be posting three times a week, and I can’t wait to reconnect with you again.

Are there any new beginnings in your life?