Monday we begin our journey to intimacy with Jesus. You’ll  need a pen and your Bible (preferably one that you can write in or underline).

You’ll also need a journal, for we’re going to journal every day in our time with Jesus..

But most importantly, I want you to find a space.

One that offers privacy. Where you can turn off distraction, if even for a few moments. It’s a cell-phone, technology-free zone where you can just. . . be.

Proverbs 31 Ministries hosts She Speaks conference each year, and one of the most visited rooms at the conference is our prayer room. It is what many look forward to every year. It’s talked about, written and blogged about afterward.

Many find God so close in that small private space and look forward to it the next year.

But why wait for a once-a-year special encounter with God?

Carve out a space for Him today.

Suzie, I’m a busy mom. I have no space to myself. 

Moses met in a tent. So hungry for God that He went into a tent in the wilderness.

It’s the hunger that counts here, creating a place reserved for you and your Savior.

My space is a community prayer room that I just discovered a few weeks ago. But your space may be a corner of your bedroom, in an oversized closet, or at the altar in your church. It might be sitting on your deck outside, or communing in nature.

How will you create that space?  Where will you find it? What will it look like?