If you came over from Encouragement for Today, I’m so glad you are here.


If you’ve been with me this week, we’ve been on a 30-day-to-intimacy-with-Christ journey. It’s actually a perfect encouragement for the devo as well.

For this week has been a practice to be still.

Practice? Why practice? Shouldn’t we have this down by now?

Practice is such a great word here. Let’s translate that into different relationships that matter to us.

  • I practice listening to my child so I can really hear what she is saying.
  • I practice making time for my spouse in my busy day.
  • I practice slowing down so that I can find balance spiritually and physically.

In each of these, we would applaud the efforts.

So, we practice the art of being still because sometimes we feel lost from God. Or He seems far away. Or perhaps, you are that one running wildly in pursuit of Him and doing a lot of religious things to gain His attention.

He knows exactly where you are. He knows what you are feeling. He sees that beating heart, trying to locate Him in your busy efforts.

It’s why He asks you to be still. He’s a paternal God. One that sees you as His creation. His child. The last thing a parent wants is for a child to be lost. He’s the one looking for you.

So be still so that:

You can be found by Him. 

Maybe you came to this blog today because of the devo. Be still and know that you are loved.

Maybe you have been practicing being still this week, and a thousand things have pulled at you and you aren’t sure you can do this. Be still and know that He wants to commune with you.

Maybe the stillness has opened the door a crack, and you want more. Be still and know that He longs to fill you up.

In our 30 Days to Intimacy, we’ll continue to practice the art of being still through the weekend.

Journal your thoughts as they come. If that hasn’t been easy, don’t make that an obstacle. It’s not about pass/fail. It’s about intimacy. Sometimes that takes times.

In fact, it always takes time

What are some of the thoughts you’ve journaled this week?

What are the obstacles?

What are you gaining?

If you came over from Encouragement for Today, how can I pray with  you?