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What do you do when you are all grown up, but feel still like a hurting little kid inside?

Maybe it was the person who raised you. It seemed like everyone else had that picture-perfect mom and dad, while your mom drank herself to sleep, and the words that she said are ingrained on your heart and identity.

Maybe it was the relationship that made you feel good in the beginning, but somehow it left you broken and alone, even while you lived within the same four walls.

Perhaps it was that person who said they had your best interest at heart, but then let you down.


Regardless of who, or what, or even when it took place, we can lose heart because of people.

And those words or actions can continue to impact you, even when they are no longer in the picture.

When will the hold be released on your life?

I have such good news for you.

It’s this. 

Jesus took our sins upon the cross.

That same act frees us from the effect of the sins of others upon our heart.

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Stop. Read that more time. Let the impact of that good news soak in. 

People lose power when our inner self — the central or innermost part of our identity — is wrapped around the Light inside of us, rather than around the people who have harmed us.

What does that mean?

The words that were spoken, the things that happened to you, the evil you endured, or the love gap that you feel — these are not your legacy anymore.

What might it look like to give less weight to people than to the Messiah who lives inside of you?


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