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We are all going to lose someone we love.

As I look around at the faces of those I call family, that’s a harsh fact.

I can only pray that it’s me first.  Not because I want to be noble, but because I can’t imagine life without them.

Is that too honest?

Writing this chapter (#4) was the hardest. I know what brokenness looks like, but not in loss. So I invited two people I know well to join me.

One was Amber, mom to beautiful Callie. The other was Jennifer, wife to Wayne.

Both experienced loss. Amber said goodbye to Callie when her little girl was only 8. It was unexpected, and it changed her forever. Jennifer said goodbye to Wayne, her husband of many years. Cancer took his life, but not his spirit as they walked this turn in the road together until Jennifer was left alone.

I wept as I wrote Amber’s story. Little Callie’s fierce, funny personality kept popping up as I penned the words. I could see her sitting beside her mom, her hands raised in the air to worship. I could hear her zinging retort as someone teased with her, and she teased right back.

I was in awe of Jennifer’s honesty, and her courage as I wrote her story. I would often look over to Richard, my own guy that I love, and try to imagine what it would be like to walk in Jennifer’s shoes.

The theme that came out in both of these stories was that grieving can be lonely. 

Perhaps people say the wrong thing, like, “Heaven has another angel.” Or, “At least you had [X number] of years.”

You have immense support for weeks, but then it’s gone. Life has resumed as normal, but normal isn’t your world anymore.

After time, you learn to hide your grief, but pushing it down only makes it show up in ways and places you don’t want it to.

How does Jesus Mission Statement (Luke 4:18-19) help a heart shattered by loss?

In Jesus’ presence, you are not required to hide your grief, or bury it, or pretend it doesn’t exist. 

He is a safe place. He understands sorrow. He knows the love you shared.

This week we are going to look at those three things, and allow Jesus to begin to heal untended grief.

Read Chapter Four.

Even if you haven’t experienced grief, please read this chapter. It will help you be a blessing to those who have. 

Q: Have you pushed down your grief so that others might feel less burdened by your pain?

Q: Does God grieve with you? Read the story of Mary and Jesus in John 11. What did that look like for Mary?

Q: “We will all face loss.” Like me, that might be a harsh statement to accept. If you lost someone and God has healed your heart. What might you say to someone who has just experienced loss?

If you are just now joining us, jump in! You can purchase the book at P31, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other distributor! Each week is on this blog, so just start at week one and take your time in each. So glad you joined us!

Tomorrow we’ll take Mary’s story a little deeper. See you then!