Sin doesn’t have to keep you from Jesus. In fact, Jesus intentionally walked into the lives of people caught in the trap of sin.

He knelt with them.

He sent them in new directions.

He healed their hearts.

What we learn from this is that Jesus doesn’t shy away from sin. He is your safe place to talk about it, to heal from it, and to find new direction and life. 


As we end Chapter #5, this is your Mended Heart challenge. 

  • If the old temptation still lingers, count the cost

What do you stand to lose? Who will it hurt if you go down that old path?

  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself why this choice is contrary to God’s best for you

Don’t you hate it when people lie to you? And yet we often lie to ourselves.

If you are playing with the “feeling” or with temptation, seeing how close you can come without actually crossing that line, be honest about it.

Invite God into that conversation.

  • Talk about your temptation (or sin) with someone who loves you enough to be honest

Who we choose as a confidant is key. If it’s someone whose life you don’t want, and yet you know they’ll tell you what you want to hear, go in the other direction.

Choose someone whose life reflects where you want to be. Whose relationship with God is genuine. Whose relationships with others is drama-free, reflects integrity, and who will speak truth into your life, even if that is hard to hear.

Next week we move into Chapter Six – When a Thief Steals Your Heart. If you’ve ever been wounded by inappropriate touch or harmed by someone who should have nurtured you instead, I pray you’ll meet me right here.